Caledonian Roofdwellers Limited owns De Montfort Court. The Shareholders (owners) and Directors are Celia Murray & Haward Soper who can be contacted for information about De Montfort Court or to answer other queries by email through this site. We have owned this magnificent building since 1994 & our mission is to keep it a place its occupants can be proud to call home. De Montfort Court was built as a grand terrace  in 1879 in the English Vernacular style , to a design by the architect Isaac Barradale. It is one of the major buildings on Leicester City Council's Tour 2 of Victorian and Edwardian Stoneygate

Amongst our duties we ensure that the building is kept in good & substantial repair & condition , we insure it , & use our good offices where necessary to provide a common understanding between occupants as to their mutual needs & duties.

We manage the expenditure of some £22,000 per annum of tenant’s money & we take that responsibility very seriously. We own four flats ourselves so value for money is important to us. The legal responsibility for raising the money and for the management , upkeep and repair of the property lies with De Montfort Court Management (Leicester) Limited. Any tenant may become a director of this company. All too few do and we have none at present save Phil Thomas and Celia and Haward.

NOTICE : formal notices to Caledonian Roofdwellers Limited may be delivered to Flat 4 De Montfort Court but it is easier these days if you copy them to us by email